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I’ve been looking for a while now for a sleeve to keep my laptop in. Sort of passively, but you know. Just look what I stumbled upon at an estate sale yesterday: the laptop sleeve of dreams!

I almost couldn’t even act properly I was so bowled over. Vintage leather with hand detailing, in good & non-smelly condition!? I was throwing my money at them. We sorta measured it with the lady’s laptop, hoped for the best, & took it home.

(And for those of you who have always wanted to see what the showroom carpeting looks like at work, well, there you go.)

Now, I understand that not everyone is going to really lose it when they see this. It’s used, old, and someone none of us knows used to own it. However. In my eyes it has a story, it’s made of a material that gets better and more interesting with age, and the design is so 70’s (which, by the way, go shopping, they’re back!) that I’d like to own and use it for the next 70 years. Oh, and someone did this work by hand. No big deal.

There was one little hitch, but let’s get a good look at the backside of it first:

Aaannnd one more. Mostly just because I can.

Welp, um, it doesn’t fit my laptop. But boy oh boy is it close. It’s true that I intentionally chose a large laptop screen, and now I’m paying for it bigtime. It just will. not. work. out.

Thanks for your sympathy, I can feel it beaming through the screen. But don’t cry too long for me because I’ll soon be popping it up on our new etsy site (can’t wait to show you, just give me a couple more days..) and hopefully sending it on to someone else who loves it as much as I do – AND – someone who has a computer that fits it properly.

What is that quote about loving something & letting it go? I’ll get there! *wink*

*UPDATE* This little piece of my heart is now for sale in our etsy shop, check it out here if you’re interested!