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This, Friends, is what I came home to after work on my birthday.

It was discovered after I drove to/from work in my car the Birthday-Mobile, which Josh had sneakily decorated with streamers & banners before he left in the morning.

When I arrived at work Mom had balloons waiting on the front counter. My first balloons of the day! I then came home to the giant web of streamers & balloons strewn all over the floor. That would be thanks to Molly & Brian.

We went out for dinner & when we returned an enormous bouquet of balloons sent from April was waiting for me. Oh, and right in the middle of it all, Aunt Kris showed up with a lovely birthday gift: dyed shell earrings that look like.. Yup.. Balloons! Hilarious because she didn’t know about any of the others. Can you see that I’m wearing them (below)?

The next morning we called in the reinforcements to come and really put all of those balloons to work. He gave it his best effort.

It took all of 30 seconds before he had whirled himself into the balloon column & literally needed help getting out.

Pretty good, huh? And to think that I was planning on having the house decorated for Christmas the next day (for an early annual Christmas party undie exchange with the girls). Best laid plans, right?

It’s nice to feel loved. Even when it smells like latex. ♥