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Hello, regular schedule! It’s been a while. Sure wish I could tell you I’ve missed you.

Friends, did you enjoy the holiday weekend? I hope it was filled with family and fun. Ours was! We were even introduced to Family Feud on the Wii, which almost made me want one at our house. Almost.

Food & games were only part of the festivities. Check out this seasonal treat that joined my hoarded collection of houseplants – an amaryllis bulb! I waited roughly 12 hours 40 minutes and 15 seconds before potting it & setting it in the sun. Thanks, Aunt Barb! Having this bloom right at the darkest time of year will be just the kind of cheer to remind me that spring is right around the corner. Well, you know, eventually.

Don’t you love watching things grow? Me too. *wink*

OH! I keep forgetting to mention this. For any of you bloggers who would like some extra exposure, I’m giving away a Featured Blogger spot on the sidebar of my blog again. Check out Shannon’s blog, Little Luck Tree, for the details! And hurry, I think the giveaway ends today. Yikes!