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So there I was, browsing Pinterest one day, when I stumbled upon this image (below):


Something in my world just clicked into place. Virtual permission to wear more than one scarf at a time! I raced to the closet & grabbed the first two I could get my hands on.

Double scarf, double warmth. I’m in love. Don’t be surprised if you see me some time this winter wearing scarves up to my eyeballs. Why didn’t I think of this before?

It is a little funny to me because Pinterest is chock full of DIY projects and recipes and self-help tips galore. Lots of bloggers and non-bloggers alike are starting to do one “Pinterest Project” at a time (which I think is a good idea). I hadn’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, but this photo just tipped me over the edge. And it took maybe 30 seconds. This I can handle. Okay, so it really wasn’t a project, but it was inspired by Pinterest.

So, Fellow Pinterest-ers, what have you done that was Pinspired?