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This week I had a lifetime first – Birthday Shopping With (my 93-year-old) Grandma! We’ve never lived in the same place until this year so choosing a gift together was special for me.

She wanted to buy me a tree for the backyard, but we eventually talked ourselves into houseplants instead. She’s such an enabler.

I may or may not have snuck one of the little ones below into the cart for her windowsill “farm”.

After we did an initial sweep through the selection (at Horrocks, for the locals) we took a breather at the coffee bar.

Isn’t she adorable?

We had a great time, and it was pretty funny how people treated me like I was a dad with a baby or something.. “Oh, that’s just the sweetest thing!” “Aren’t you two cute!” (we were – she wore her bright yellow rain poncho, faux fur hat, and snow boots since it was pouring, and I was lugging the camera and purse and cart and purchases..cuuuuuute.)

The truth is that I treasure these times together.

Oh, and here is my loot (below): cyclamen, button fern, and a pretty yellow pepper! (Because there’s always room for another house plant. Right? Right..)