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When our giant pine tree snapped over just over a month ago things changed as far as what our “project-y” goals for the house were this fall. It’s been a month of progressively making a very large tree disappear from our yard.

The initial mess was cleared away and we were left with a 6-ft trunk. My dad & Josh cut it down, and yes we did save a slice of the trunk. There were over 50 rings, which is interesting to see.

After that came the stump grinder. He dug out the big pine tree stump and the smaller cedar tree stump less than an hour. The remaining pile of woodchips and mud made a very large attraction for a certain 2-year-old!

We wanted to get some sort of a privacy screen going in the yard before it got too cold to plant so we’ve been going to garden centers & doing research. This is definitely the fun part. You know how people say that fall is the best time of year for planting? I think it’s also the best time of year for shopping for colorful foliage. Check out these colors!

Our plan was to choose one tall-ish flowering tree (25-30ft) and the rest we’d fill in with less expensive, fast-growing shrubs. Good fences make good neighbors, right? *wink*

We were immediately drawn to the bright and colorful corner of this garden center which made our decision-making pretty easy. I’ll take one of everything, please!

Our tree of choice? (In the above photo on the back, right hand side) A Cleveland Select Pear Tree! And these brown berries are actually little pears. There you go, botany lesson for the day.

These guys flower in the spring and look like this in the late fall – sold.

Grow, little pear tree, grow!