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So, Friends, today we have the story of Nels. Nels is the name of the light above our dining room table. Not this one (below) though. This is the chandelier in the dining room that we’ve basically just ignored for these last four years. Until..

This summer while on vacation we happened upon this little beauty (below). And well, we fell in love with it (more me than Josh – I tend to get more excited about these things than he does, go figure)..

Unfortunately, we were in a basket store (what’s a basket store anyway?) not a lighting store, and this particular light fixture was not for sale no matter how hard I tried. And I did try.

So we went back home to our chandelier. And we looked at it with new eyes – what would it look like to have something less fancy and more mid-century modern-ish in here?  We were hooked. But we’ve been looking for mid-century stuff for a long time now and lights just never pop up. Good thing we’re happy with our chandelier.

And then one day Josh found Nels online at an estate sale. Nels is a mid-century saucer bubble lamp from the series George Nelson made for Howard Miller in the 1960’s. He was for sale and we had. to. have. him. We fought for Nels – tried to trade our chandelier for him, threw elbows in early morning lines for him, convinced the owners to sell him to us rather than someone who offered more for him, and eventually brought him home! *Hello, Nels!*

Welp, while Nels is admittedly a beauty (in our eyes) and quite the change from the chandelier we started with, he’s not perfect. In fact, once we got him home and situated in his new space, we turned him on after the sun went down. He turned downright orange. We’re talking – wow. O R A N G E. The whole room was orange.

It’s not what we were hoping for, but unfortunately, Nels is once again for sale. Looks like we’re headed back to chandelier land!

Coincidentally, it’s the best day of the year to have an orange light in your house. Don’t you think?

Happy Halloween, Friends! I’m off to the dentist. Seriously. Oh, the irony.