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I’m always a little late on the whole “changing of the seasons” bandwagon (except for spring) so I was belatedly recently working on the showroom at work. It’s the annual tough task of storing away the bright summery flowers and exotic colored gemstones. Working toward displaying colors that are a tad more subdued and perhaps even autumnal?

Well, I got totally sidetracked by these guys and spent too much a little time playing with rocks. I love working for my parents. *wink*

Uncut gemstones and geodes like these bring back memories of trailing along after my dad in rock shops, waiting while he did the boring stuff so I could pick out a special pink stone to bring home. I still like to wait while he does the boring stuff so I can play with the pretty ones. Apparently the passage of time doesn’t change everything. Ha!

Anyway, if you’re headed into the shop any time soon, know that some of these beauties await you. But we’ll probably be trying to sell you something with a tiny bit more value attached, so beware.