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You know when you wake up feeling like it’s one of “those days”? It happened to me this morning, Friends, and frankly I’m not a fan. I’m only telling you about it because I’m hoping you can relate.

I’ve got a health-related story to tell you today and then I’m on a mission to turn this day around.

Last week I had a routine doctor visit with my CF specialist. Going into it I was pretty sure I’d be headed into antibiotic land – I’ve been fighting seasonal cold type stuff for a month now and I figured my breathing test would suffer as a result. Wrong.  My breathing test was maybe the best one I’ve taken in years. In my head this is mostly attributable to the new medication (Cayston) that I’ve been on for a year now – it’s amazing. However. I’ve still got the symptoms of lung infection going on and my doctor put me on oral antibiotics to treat them. This put an end to my life-long record of 17 months without antibiotic treatments! Truly something to celebrate, and I am so grateful for it.

So there you have it, today I am feeling anti-biotic-y. Case of the Mondays. Just Monday though, because we’re turning this ship around. In fact I’d like to get started on that right now – the sun is shining & the day couldn’t be more beautiful.

How do you rally yourself on “those days”?