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All right, Friends! I know some of you have seen our house & others haven’t, so let me just tell you this: our kitchen has a lot of color in it. Like, a lot. For those of you who like to keep things light & crisp with a hint of color here & there, ours is not the place for you. Apparently I’m quite drawn to colorful kitchens because somehow I’ve collected a bunch of photos of them in a folder. And that means it’s time for a little piece of pretty kitchen inspiration!

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Aren’t they pretty? I love how cheerful they are. Speaking of kitchens, these next photos had me at “YAAHHHHHH” “Hello”. It’s a company (somewhere in Europe I think) that sells fridge-sized decals! (Don’t worry, they’re not for me. Our kitchen has enough going on.) This peony decal is my favorite sticker ever. EVER.

header Placard and Nous Placard&Nous (and a Fridge Full of Peonies!)
source, found here


Having ice cream pictured across the front of the fridge might be kinda fun too. There are more decals on their website, check out the “source” under the photos to see them! While you’re browsing, you can just sit back, sip your coffee, & picture your fridge with gold bars on the shelves instead of food. Yep, that’s another decal.

Happy Weekend, Friends! The sun just came out and I feel a garden day coming on.