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It’s Friday, Friends! Let’s treat ourselves to some video time, shall we?

(source unknown)

Love the concept of this first video and the phone! I watched this on repeat for a while, just enjoying the sound of it.


My dad showed this kayak video to me & my mom at work. There were shrieks involved. And goosebumps. Make sure you watch it at least until the camera goes underwater. *gasp*

I hope you enjoyed them! My favorite was probably the first, but I can’t get the image of that big blue whale out of my head (see you in my scary dreams, whale!).

Oh by the way, thanks to Katie at Still Growing for sending over another Versatile Blogger award! We’ve had some good chats about faith & blogging, & I look forward to more of them in the future. That girl can sure write.

Instead of sending it on to 15 more bloggers like the award says to, I’m going to pass it on to one. So, Turid, this is your moment! Turid’s blog, A House and a Garden, is full of beautiful photography, interesting food, and the garden of dreams. Not to mention she’s from Norway & lives in Tuscany. Check out her blog, I’m sure you’ll love it.

For the rest of the award information, feel free to visit this post for a refresher.

Thanks again, Katie! You made my day.