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I hope you’re not sick of all things ArtPrize, Friends, because I have one more post of pretty art installations! It’s inspiring to see the creative stuff people come up with so I’m glad you’re here to enjoy it with me.. Did any of you locals see these pieces downtown?

The Indian Chief (so sorry, Chief, I forgot your title), drawn with blue ink pen. He left me inspired to doodle. Funny how for some of us (me) doodling remains just that, and for this artist it turns into Indian Chiefs. Not to say this is a “doodle”. At all.


The above group of photos are from random venues but check out the variety of mediums used. We’ve got paint, lotto tickets in a collage, forks (the gorillas), and tiny beads on the (somewhat creepy) diminuitive person statue. I call it creepy because any human forms that are not real are creepy to me, not because it’s diminuitive. But I’m sure you knew that.

I am a little concerned by how drawn to the “creepy” I was. First staring a Chief in the eyes, second a statue of a diminuitive person, and now a giant fish bursting out of the bricks. Hmm. The fish, though. Doesn’t he make you laugh? It would’ve been even more creepy if they had him actually bursting out of the river. Okay. Enough.

Here’s Josh standing in the forest of encyclopedia pages. I mean what else is there to do with old encyclopedias? .. Aaand that was probably the point of the artist..

Have you ever shown up to a formal event and been horrified to see that someone else was wearing the same dress as you? Imagine how I felt then, when I came upon this little cabin made of reclaimed wood from a house that had been burned down. My cheeks are still red.

Looking forward to next year, ArtPrize! Don’t forget my suggestion. *wink*

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