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It’s almost the end of a very good thing, Friends. Over the last weekend I tore some exhausted, withery plants out of our veggie garden, but not before we had lots of this:

Poor tomatoes. Half dead, but still bringing the goods to the table. And so they stay, leaning as far as they can over their cages.

This summer we had lots of lettuce. I planted a lot of it just in case and it took off. But. I saw a slug on a lettuce leaf once at some point during the summer. It’s funny how impossible that is to forget, try as you may. Will I plant it again next year?


It’s hard to say. I can imagine some mixed-bag package of seeds will have me hook, line, & sinker come spring. Maybe I’ll stick to lettuce in planters. They look good & are closer to the kitchen than the back garden. Hmm..

Our fall favorite is always the raspberries. And guess what, the nephew completely agrees. Such a smart kid. It’s amazing how fast they fly down his little hatch.

We’ve been getting big bowlfuls like this every other day for over a week, but with cold weather coming you just never know how much longer we have. Our freezer is loaded. Not with jam, mind you. I freeze the berries for smoothies & fruit sauce (hello, crepes!).

Oh by the way, I just saw on our calendar that last year we picked raspberries on October 27. Doesn’t that sound crazy? (Umm, don’t think I can’t hear you – “yeah, crazy that you recorded it.”)