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The bills haven’t started rolling in yet, so I think I’m ready to talk about the Tree with you guys. You know, the 90-foot-er in our backyard that freakishly snapped over from a gust of wind last week? That fell on a nest of wires & knocked out power for blocks? That literally yanked our wires out from the box in our house? That smashed a 20-foot cedar tree so we couldn’t even see it anymore? That left us without power for 2 days while our driveway was home to every utility truck thinkable along with a steady stream of curious neighbors passing through?

Yep. That would be the one.

Because those wires were hot that first night, we slept to the comforting rumble of a fire truck waiting outside. Warm fuzzies.

Josh & I had talked about taking the tree down before, but the high cost of tree removal/lack of a good reason to do it left us choosing to let it stay. Welp, that decision was just made for us! Does anyone have advice about what to plant along our back fence for a privacy screen? We’re thinking maybe a couple lilac bushes (nothing that will grow tall enough to fight with wires in the future) but I would love any advice on that subject!

Yes indeed it was a busy few days. Thanks, Family, for all of your help! 13 trailer loads later, our backyard (and the neighbor’s) is cleaned out except for the stumps.

We’re currently accepting bids for removing the two tree stumps, by the way. *wink wink*

Poor Bea. She watched the excitement all weekend, not knowing she was headed into some excitement of her own. Has your vet ever told you to brush your pet’s teeth? If so, obey your vet. Try to resist thinking things along the lines of “that’s ridiculous” or “who would ever do that” and think, “if I don’t, this could get expensive/painful for my pet”. So Monday Bea went in and professionally had her teeth cleaned. Oh, and had three of them extracted. Probably could have been avoided if I hadn’t been so busy thinking my vet was just trying to sell me more services. Lesson learned, and yes, I’ll be brushing my cat’s teeth. *sigh*

A week later, she’s feeling much better – hooray! This weekend was full of catching up on life & catching some rays. Not too shabby, eh?