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Hello Friends, today I’m out basking in our Indian Summer sunshine, so Kristina’s here with a lesson in decorating for fall –  something I’m traditionally negligent about.


Hi everyone! I’m Kristina from Something 2 Write About. Suzanne has been so kind as to invite me to post here today and dish on all things perfect for your fall decor. I love being pretty image-heavy, so I hope you don’t mind a few seriously cute photos (thank you Pinterest)!


First off, let’s set the record straight; there is no right or wrong way to prep your home for autumn. Some like the traditional feel with truckloads of all things orange, yellow, red, and brown and some prefer a modern approach with contemporary prints and bright spring-y colors. Whatever you like, roll with it, and become inspired by arrangements you see.


Pumpkins, colorful gourds, dried leaves, twigs and driftwood are wonderful ways to bring nature into the home. Come fall, pumpkins are sold everywhere from grocery stores to local farms and are a fun way for the family to get involved in selecting the best picks for your space. Think of placing pumpkins at your door, on your dining table, in the kitchen or by the fireplace and don’t be afraid to pick funky colors, shapes or sizes! It will make your place unique (and how sad would you feel if you left those unwanted pumpkins at the store with no home)?


Another tip for fall decor is to be yourself. Really! Don’t like the standard colors or solid prints? Change up your fall palette to include patterened blues, yellows, pinks or purples! Play with fabrics that could work year-round, and you’re set when it comes to fall. The more your decorations reflect you, the easier it will be to use these objects throughout your home all season long.


Perhaps one of the most fun and fragrant styling tip for fall is to play it heavy with candles. Mix open candles with hurricane or jar-enclosed ones, and fill the glasses with candy corn, walnuts, wine corks, kumquats, seeds, pebbles, coffee beans, fresh cranberries, coins, buttons or anything else you think would add texture or interest to the piece. Just make sure the items are not particularly flammable like dried leaves or feathers and only fill the container halfway to allow most of the candle to be exposed on top for lighting.


To end our little journey, don’t forget the basics. Many things you already have in the home can be used in different ways to bring the touch of fall to any room. Here’s a quick list of elements that you might find to be plentiful: baskets, twine string, raffia or craft ribbon to wrap around vases and candle holders, straw hats, simple terra cotta planters, chunky throw blankets, family heirlooms like old books, weathered photographs or trinkets, antique bottles, mason jars, brown paper lunch or shopping bags (to fill with items or to cut up and use for materials), apples and much more! Be creative and challenge yourself to experiment.

Thanks Suzanne for allowing me to jet over here and present my ideas. Have a blessed autumn, everyone!


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All right Kristina, I’ve been taking notes, and I took your advice to heart by adding orange/white vintage lights to the mason jars . What do you think, did I pass the “fall decor” test?

Thanks for the pretty Fall-ish lesson in decorating! For more posts about home decor head over to Kristina’s blog, something2writeabout.