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There I was, innocently watering the flowers, when this lovely little announcement fell into my lap.

Noirciplume, a photography/literature blogger who I recently met, has presented me with a blogging award! Very exciting because I know that there are lots of interesting blogs out there that she could have chosen over mine.  Check out this little Golden Guy:

Pretty, huh? Now to accept this honor, I must follow these three rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.

So, Thank you, Noirciplume! For someone who really knows how to work her camera the way you do, it makes me smile that you chose me for this. I’d love to have an understanding of photography like you. It’s a “someday” goal of mine.

Now that you’re all curious, you can check out her blog – La Plume Noire – here.

2. Share 7 random things about yourself.

  • I’m horrified by/terrified of mannequins, large dolls, and well, even small dolls.
  • I love cats. Love ’em. Never saw a cat photo that didn’t just make my day.
  • I lost approximately half of my hair after my surgery last year. Those hats I was wearing every day, well, they weren’t really optional. *yikes* (It has come back, for those of you who just hit Panic Mode)
  • Josh (my husband) & I met at a church retreat on the beach. But we like to say we met on the beach. It’s a little more mysterious/romantic that way, right? *wink*
  • My high school anatomy teacher once called home so he could tell my mom I was laughing too much/having too much fun in class. She laughed.
  • Boy do I ever love HGTV. Any Emily Henderson fans out there?
  • I said it in first grade, I’ll say it again now: “I am happy when I’ve just had a treat.”

3. Pass the awards on to 15 deserving bloggers. (15? Seriously?)

I’d like to pass this award on to two people whose blogs I enjoy. First off is Kristina at something2writeabout because it’s been fun getting to know her through the blog world recently and I like her lighthearted and sincere point of view. She has also taught me some technical stuff which was oh-so-kind. I bet she’d love it if you popped over to her blog (here) & said a quick hello!

The second blog award goes to ohrenee*design. I don’t know Renee personally but her blog is happy, quirky, and I imagine a good representation of who she is – something that is a goal for me too. Also, she doesn’t know it but we have very similar taste for all things vintage in common. So Renee, the second award is for you! Thanks for the inspiration. Let’s all pop over to Renee’s blog (here) to congratulate her too!

Well that was a *bloggy* exciting morning! For the rest of my *bloggy* friends out there, stay tuned. I’m fresh out of Golden Guys, but the world is full of other special ways that I can show my love for you. And I plan on doing just that! However, today is not that day. Now it’s back to the garden for me and my cowboy boots.. Happy Wendesday, Ya’ll!