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Last week I rode the GVSU bus downtown (the stop is right by our house) to the office where Josh was working. We took our lunch break on the move & did some ArtPrize touring. I thought I’d show you some of my favorites from that day, since lots of you don’t live around here & won’t get a chance to see the grizzlies playing in the fountain at the Ford Museum. And, you know, the other stuff.

Being my Father’s Daughter, I couldn’t help but love this boat. Gorgeous.

Largest flag I’ve ever seen! The above photo was taken while standing underneath it. It says “Jesus King of the Nations .. Every Tongue Will Confess”. Not what I would’ve said on a flag of that enormity, but hey. There it is.

The blue bridge (below) has something interesting on it every year, & we’re always curious to see how the artists will use this “hot spot” to draw crowds. These hanging monkeys seemed like the perfect fit for this spot. Whimsical & fun, just like the grizzlies.

And my favorite “exhibit” of all that day is this duo. I wish I would’ve whipped my camera out a little faster so you could see the giant grin on the dog’s face.

Have any of you made it to ArtPrize yet? What’s your favorite so far?