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Oh yes. It’s teddy bear season, Friends! Teddy bear sunflowers have been on my list to try for a few years now, but for some reason never made it to the backyard until this summer. I’m kicking myself for that, because they’re so stinking adorable.

They are supposed to be between 4-5 feet tall, but ours are just a little taller than that. They turned out to be the perfect height for buffering the view of our neighbor’s yard from our back porch. Also, the blooms are small enough that it’s easy to use them for cut flowers. What’s not to love?

Crazy, huh? They hardly look like traditional sunflowers with all of those tiny petals. These guys are incredibly cheerful – such a good way to round out the end of the season. They’ll definitely be back in our yard next year!

Anyone else growing sunflowers out there? Which variety is your favorite? Also, how can I maximize their bloom time? I’d like to get them started earlier next year but I want them to last into September too. Hmm..