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Well, I had to try it anyway. Remember our okra plant? It is honestly producing a ton of this stuff. Our neighbor informed me that it looks like we’re growing something questionable back there, judging from the highly recognizable leaf. Great. But I’m pretty sure no one’s ever had to fight to legalize okra.

Anyway, I have had okra sitting in the fridge. Mostly cause I’m a little intimidated by it.

I finally decided to google “how to prepare okra” and use the first reasonable set of instructions. Things seemed pretty straightforward, but I kept running into one word in relation to okra – “slimy”. Hmm.. This is not exactly endearing.

However, by the time I had chopped all of it into 1/2″ slices and scrubbed the slime off the knife (they weren’t kidding), the worst was behind me.

I fried those suckers in oil after dredging them through egg & then cornmeal mixed with (not enough) seasoning. They fry fast. And they need to be turned. And it took all of my attention. And some of them still burned. It was almost a workout. So what else was I preparing at the same time? You know, because most dinners include more than one menu item?

Nothing. This was it. It was so high maintenance. Seriously.

And here, Friends, is the final product. It was so lacking in the looks department I had to stick tomatoes around it for the photo. Ha! Honestly, it tasted okay once we chiseled roughly half of the breaded stuff off. Similar to zucchini. The problem for the okra is that I really like zucchini. A lot. And it’s nowhere near as high maintenance.

So.. does anyone want some okra? I’ve got plenty of it for ya. I’m sure you’d be better at fixing it than I am. *wink wink*

P.S. During the production of this meal I also melted my favorite spatula. Score one for the okra. Hopefully I’m not really as incompetent in the kitchen as this post made me feel.