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The only time I’ve ever mowed the lawn was years ago when I still lived at my parent’s house. (No need to judge here, Lawn Mowing Ladies.. I like to think I have other special things to contribute to general house maintenance.. Right?! Right..) I mowed a visual masterpiece – a large paisley print all over the lawn. We still talk about it sometimes. Probably more because that was the only time I did mow, but anyway..

Friends, I have discovered the power washer. And I am in love. See? Love. And the next phase of my outdoor design work.

Josh goes back to his regular work schedule this week and we’ve been knocking off a long list of house projects to complete. Sometimes it feels like that’s when more of them pop up and so I’m not sure how much headway we’ve made on long term goals, but it’s been a productive week. I am beyond excited to announce that I get to blast all the crud off the side of our bricks. What do you think – should I leave the heart on the driveway?