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I wasn’t going to post an Eye Love It post today because there’s a lot of fun stuff going on around here.. But these notecards had me laughing out loud! Etsy does it once again.. So it’s time for a little piece of witty inspiration.

dear noah. letterpress card

dear fork, letterpress card

dear john jacob jingleheimer schmidt. letterpress card

dear movie watcher. letterpress card

dear twilight fans, letterpress card

dear girls. letterpress card

we go together like mustaches and creeps. letterpress card

we go together like trix and silly rabbits. letterpress card

we go together like copy and paste. letterpress card

All images from shopsaplingpress on etsy. And no, I’m not calling you a creep, Guy With Mustache.

So funny, right?! Looks like I wasn’t the only one whose mom had the mysterious talent of walking in on a movie during the only part that was remotely questionable. Ha!

Hope that started your weekend with a smile, Friends! Just sit back, sip your coffee, & maybe even order yourself some new note cards!