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Because it’s so cute, Mackinac Island is getting its own post today! In case you aren’t well acquainted with Michigan – here’s a little background info for you. Mackinac Island is located between the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan, accessible by many a ferry. No cars are allowed on the island, which means there are a zillion bikes available to rent, and horse-drawn carriages all over. Followed by horse poo all over. The biking trails are fun, the views are pretty, the fudge is famous, and it’s a fun place to spend a day. Or more, if you can. (This paragraph was not sponsored by the Pure Michigan campaign, but perhaps should have been)

Okay, now work with me here. I’m about to let you in on a nerdy secret. Have you ever been in a touristy area where tour guides dress up in a special historical outfit & give you a tour “in character”? I have. It can be fun or annoying, depending on the guide’s committment to his or her character. And well, sometimes when Josh & I are on vacation, I may spontaneously burst into “cheesy tour guide mode” and do a video or two. Nerdy voice, excessive cheese, the works.

What’s that? You want me to show you some tour guide action from Mackinac? And totally embarrass myself? Fine.


Letting yourself “go” like this in public can be very embarrassing when other people are around, one example being the kid you could hear squawking in the second video. We usually end up with lots of outtakes like the one below:

So there’s a little fun at my expense. On to the rest of the island pics!

Here are two of the famous Mackinac Island horses. Rumor has it that there are over 550 horses on the island. That’s a lot of horse poo!

Below we have Josh perched on Sugar Loaf, one of the attractions of the island & a point of interest in every good tour guide’s schpiel.

I like this view from “the highest point on Mackinac Island”. The skies were dramatic all day.

The library was so adorable I wanted to pack it in my back pocket and bring it home with me. Look at the pretty color!

And, this kills me, the view from the back deck of the library:

Isn’t it beautiful? Between the pretty color & the backyard view, this library could be one of my favorites. Do you always check out local libraries while on vacation? Me too! Glad I’m not alone in this..

And here is how we ended the day before we loaded ourselves and our bikes back on the ferry..

Even the most committed tour guides need to eat. Hope you enjoyed my little tour of Mackinac Island! Your “gratitude” is always greatly appreciated but never expected.  (yup, someone really said that. heard it with my own ears.)