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Back to the veggie garden today, Friends! I wanted to show you the purple beans that had me so excited this spring. This year our “green beans” weren’t green at all – we planted purple and yellow instead. Because color is so exciting, of course.

The funny thing is that the purple beans are green on the inside. When they cook the purple fades to green, and if you peek in on them partway, they look like they have some sort of purple/green skin rash. Tasty, right?

Can you see the green centers here?

I was actually forewarned of this by one of you, so it didn’t surprise me when the purple disappeared. Which means I wasn’t disappointed like I probably would’ve been otherwise. Ha.

Anyway, by the time it’s in your tummy, a bean’s a bean, right?

I like ’em. And I’ll plant them next year too probably. Not only are the beans pretty, but the stems of the plants are a pretty dark purple, & the flowers are a light shade of lavender. So sweet!