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Look, Dad & Mom! We put up our own tents! TWO of them! This is one of those moments in life where you must be so proud of your little girl. Mostly because she married a man who can figure out how to put tents up.

When Josh & I are on vacation, we like to end our days with “Highs & Low’s”. We list three Highs & three Lows of the day, & usually we end up laughing and/or groaning. I thought I’d share some Highs & Lows from our camping trip just for kicks today!

Let’s start with the Lows, shall we?

1. One night we were enjoying a lovely campfire, complete with smores, when out of nowhere a rainstorm showed up and drenched everything in minutes. *sigh* It proceeded to rain in the middle of the night, & was still drizzly the next morning. Needless to say, this girl was not a happy camper.

2. We loved our “living room” – the screened tent around the picnic table. It housed everything we couldn’t keep in our tent & didn’t want to store in the car. Including the food. Rookie mistake: the first day we were there, we left the site for a few hours. Some of our dry food was left on the picnic table in bags, straight from the grocery store. Aaaand we got raided by squirrels. Goodbye, graham crackers! Goodbye, peanut butter! And the crowning worst moment of it all for me: they chewed through one of my favorite laundry baskets. Still feeling the pain.

3. A big thing that for better or worse has kept me from wanting to go camping in the last five years has been the idea of doing my breathing treatments in a campground with other people nearby. I generally haven’t been healthy enough to want to just skip my therapy for a week like I would sometimes when I was younger, and doing my therapy involves lots of coughing. When you think about it, if the person in the site next to you is coughing hard for 20 minutes or so it could be concerning.

My strategy for this trip was to bring a power inverter & do my therapy in the car after driving somewhere by myself. However, on the very first time I started my therapy in the car, the power inverter broke! *Low* I now had to do my therapy plugged in to the power cords on our site.

I’m ready for some Highs now, what about you?

1. Lake Michigan – we love being by the beach!

2. The weather was perfect for camping – almost all of the time. There were beautiful clouds all day long – the puffy white ones. And the sunsets were gorgeous.

3. Petoskey’s little shops are adorable! We had fun going through town. Also within a short distance were Harbor Springs & Charlevoix, so we got a good view of these little bay side towns. We even squeezed in a ferry ride to Mackinac Island for a day!

4. <– cheating, I know. But I had to tell you how my 3rd “Low” turned into a “High”. After we found out I’d be forced to do my therapy in the car in our site, I discovered that it wasn’t so bad after all. I had been giving my concerns too much leverage with this situation, because it really wasn’t bothering the neighbors. The occasional passerby may have seen me doing my therapy, but that’s fine with me as long as the next door neighbors aren’t wondering if they should call for help. I am thankful to have this little concern laid to rest – and we see more camping in the future. Hooray!