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As promised, today is all about what we’re eating these days from our backyard garden. It’s had some ups and downs this year, one disappointment involving our tomatoes taking their oh-so-sweet time when they’re usually growing over the fence by now. Anyone else have this problem? *please say it’s not just me*

It’s hard to tell what we’re looking at above, but toward the bottom is green pepper, in the middle is cilantro (with basil behind), bright green lettuce toward the left, and three cages of tomatoes in the back. Yup, there are those unripe tomatoes. *sigh*

The lettuce has been a good experiment – we’ve been getting tons of it & it was soooo easy to grow. But I saw a slug on a lettuce leaf today. There is nothing like staring at a slug eyeball to eyeball to take away an appetite.

Another new thing we tried this year is okra (pictured above). Right after it flowers like this, the okra grows vertically up from the plant. You can see a couple of little ones in this photo right behind the flower. The big question for me is how to prepare it for dinner. I’ve had fried okra before, but does anyone know what else you can do with it? I’d love any suggestions..

Ahhh, raspberries. We just love ’em. However, if you turned your back on them for 30 seconds in the spring, the entire raspberry patch would be sending out shooters into the lawn alllllll over the place. It freaked me out a little, to be honest. So anyone who wants raspberry shoots next spring, I’m your girl. May I remind any Patten family members reading this that these are descendants of Grandpa Patten’s raspberries? And that you could have your very own? (I’m setting the stage for next spring when I’ll be desperate for people to take some shoots.)

Just a word of caution, which I will be playing on repeat for the rest of my life: don’t plant them right along your neighbor’s fence. They are very aggressive spreaders. Someday I think I’ll find this “word of caution” to be really funny.

Look! Our little Eight Balls! Remember these guys? All grown up & I couldn’t be more proud. Our first one was closer to the size of a small melon, but that’s okay. We’re loving them for their flavor as well as the fact we could probably play bocce ball with them. Ha! Don’t try that at home. But as far as zucchini goes, I think I’ll be going with round for a while. They’re fun.

And there you have it, Friends! Some edible yard stuff. I have more about our super fun purple beans, but I’ve gotta run, guess I’ll save them for next time.