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It’s been so long since I’ve done a garden post – I wasn’t sure where to start! I figure this time I’ll show some of the pretty flowers blooming their heads off & next time I’ll post a few things we’ve been snacking on from the garden.

The pink hydrangeas are a huge victory because they had gone at least one year without blooming – I was trimming them at the wrong time of the year & cutting off the next season’s buds! Lesson learned. I’m so glad to have them back.

I like keeping a few pots/hanging baskets around by the door so I can experiment with different seeds/flower combos. The less successful ones didn’t make it into this shot. Ha. In this picture we have my hanging basket on the left, mid-summer clearance flowers in the middle, & nasturtiums on the right. Loving them all! And this year some of my nasturtiums even grew from seed on their own. Yes! These are the kinds of things that get me excited.

The day lillies are just in full swing right now – these are my favorite kind of lily. I love their dark red color & pretty green foliage. Plus, they’re huge.

This morning glory vine was a rescue project from Dad Brandsen a few weeks ago. It was hovering near death & he took it home & gave it to us. The second it hit the ground, it rallied & started vining. It’s probably almost 7 feet high by now. Love it! The downside to the morning glory is that it really only blooms in the morning. Sad.

The forget me nots re-seeded themselves in lots of places around the yard this year. I planted them last year, loved the little bright blue flowers, but didn’t love the way the plants fell over when they got too tall & then died off an ugly brown color. I decided not to plant them again.. And now they’re everywhere. And yes, I admit I am glad to see them.

We actually have quite a few flowers that re-seed themselves every year. They are my wildflower bunch. Included are the cosmos, which I did decide to let live, the yellow & burgundy cosmo-ish flowers (not sure what they’re called), & the mint that I planted in the next door neighbor’s yard a couple years ago. Without permission. Before they moved in. *gasp*

So there’s a sampling of our flowers this July – what’s growing in your yard?