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All right, all you Michiganders out there, here’s a question for you:

If you could spend a long weekend or even a week camping at any campground in the Great State of Michigan this summer, which one would you choose? And by that I mean, where’s your favorite spot to camp?


Unbelievably, Josh & I haven’t been camping since we were married – which (yes) is embarrassing to admit. What do you think, should we put our embarrassment to rest?

We’re in Trip Planning mode & having a hard time feeling the pull anywhere far because it’s such a shame to miss Michigan’s summers. Feeling Campy. Help!!


I’m just realizing that I may have led us astray with these photos.. In case you were about to ask where in Michigan they were located, here’s the bad news. This is a camp in Wales, (juuuust of range- ha) but they definitely make camping look good!