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We’re going back in time again today, Friends. Remember how we’ve slowly but surely been traveling through the (completely blissful) five years that Josh & I have been married? We started back in February with this post. The bliss continued in Alaska in the summer of 2007, and today’s post is about what we came home to after our Alaskan adventure.

Time to buy a house! We were living in my parent’s house for the summer of 2007 because they were living in Alaska for five months. The only issue was that we needed a place to go when they came back home at the end of September!

Have you ever moved into a place that is already fully inhabited? It looks like this:

We went through lots of houses, not necessarily looking for the same things. The house we settled on was a little scary at first (in desperate need of a facelift) and I had a hard time seeing the post-makeover vision. Nevertheless, here we are on Day 1 of ownership!

Cute on the outside, not cute on the inside.

Yup, that’s a carpeted kitchen you’re looking at. Looks like our worker bees weren’t quite finished tearing the kitchen up yet. Before you despair (or really, before I start working on an ulcer), here’s the kitchen how it looks these days:

Ahh, that’s better.

Our other big project that involved more than slapping some paint around or changing the flooring was our front entry. It was closed off to a formal dining room, making both the dining room & living room feel oh-so-small. A certain wall had to go.

Here’s the wall, mostly torn down. The part that now sticks out weirdly in this photo also met its demise.

We need to talk about those drapes. We have now been living here for almost four years & only 1 room has curtains in it because of the awful image those drapes seared into my memory. They were in every. single. room.

Once again, ulcer prevention – here’s the same view more recently:

Pretty good, eh? Of course, these transformations (& many others) would never have happened without lots of help from our families – especially the Woodworking Magician that is Uncle Leigh, Wiring Magician/Lots of Other Things Magician Dad Brandsen, & Master Destroyer of Wall/Ex-Marine (brother) Ryan.

Between a virtually unusable kitchen and a wall being torn down, we were not going to be moved in before my parents returned from Alaska. I wrote my dad a poem in his birthday card that ended something like this..

“We’d love for you to come home soon.. Lots of roommates, little room!”

..It’s still on his dresser.

Well, they made it home in time to spend their free time for the next month working on our house with us. It was a time of Busy Bees! We moved in at the beginning of November, as soon as it was remotely habitable mostly finished.

Almost four years later, we’re still loving our little house.. & next time on our trip down Memory Lane we’ll talk about what came next after the crazy house-buying summer/fall of 2007.