Guess Who was the “Talk of the Town” yesterday?

Oh yes, I’m pretty sure it was an all-day party for this little lady. There are streamers all over her room and even on her walker (she calls it her automobile or her machine), so she could take her party on the road. Check them out!

She loves her roses, but sadly they’re not in bloom around here just yet. A giant vase of peonies is a pretty substitute, though, & she was thrilled!

Grandma loved the peonies so much that she wants Dad to have one (she thinks it’s a tree) for Father’s Day (which she thinks is this Sunday).

Thanks to a new red sweater from Aunt Juanita, Grandma participated in the tradition of “It’s your birthday, you get a new outfit!” ..Nevermind that it’s my tradition & she really doesn’t know about it.. There’s nothing more exciting than having something new to wear on your birthday. I’m sure you’ll agree!

93 years old. And still the life of the party. We’re so thankful to have her around!