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Did you know that we live really close to a beautiful park? It’s down one really big hill from our house.

(Not the best photo, perhaps.. But there are pretty clouds & a good view of downtown Grand Rapids!)

John Ball Park is right around the corner, & it’s also the home of Nessie, one of the ArtPrize entries in 2009.

This is quite the crowded pond – Nessie shares her space with a small fleet of swan-shaped paddle boats. But it looks like she can hold her own. After all, she is a sea monster, right?

Lots of places to play and explore around here.. Especially when there’s a fair in town!

When the fair isn’t around, there’s always the zoo. I know!! It’s not often I think about how close I live to real live bears.. Hmm..

Anyway, there’s a little springtime park tour on a rainy day! Who wants to come to Jazz at the Zoo with us on Mondays this summer? Josh & I want to re-establish that routine this year. And we want you to come too!