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Good News: I don’t know about you, but we had such a beautiful weekend around here. All kinds of weather but it was always sunny when we needed it to be!

Bad News: Our little starter veggie garden got chomped to pieces by bunnies. And it’s really my fault. Looks like we’ll be moving to Plan B!

Good News: My tree peony bloomed! *Be still my heart* I have literally been sitting outside on our front porch just staring at it for significant periods of time this weekend. Go ahead and laugh, but these things don’t last forever!

Oh, and I’ve called the greenhouse to find out about availability, because – yup – I need more of them.

Bad News: It’s also dandelion season – arrgh! Sometimes we can just see the seeds floating on the breeze.. Into our yard. *sigh* This is Josh’s big-time Pet Peeve, by the way.

Good News: We had an awesome turn-out for the Great Strides Walk this weekend! Thank you to everyone who came and walked, and to everyone who donated towards the cause! I’ll definitely post an update in a couple of weeks when I have a final amount to share.

Bad News: Remember these?

I’m sorry to say that we now have an empty nest. I don’t know what got the little guys, but they didn’t even leave a trace. Sometimes the cycle of life is a huge bummer!

Let’s End with Good News: It’s the start of a brand new week! We have birthdays to celebrate, including one certain 93-year-old’s and three Brandsens!

I’m heading into this week with some *Jazz Hands* and really loud/embarrassing singing. Care to join me?