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They’re here! Brand new baby robins. They’re so new that I can’t say they’re cute yet, poor little things!

Our little “neighbors” are growing up in this cedar tree along the back fence of our yard.

We also have another new neighbor, way more exciting than baby birds!

Side note: If you look closely, the famous forsythia bush from this post is just to the right of Molly’s head.. hee hee

That’s right, Molly bought a house! And it’s so close to ours that we can almost throw a cup of sugar or an egg over the fences to each other when in need. Well, not quite. But it is close enough that Thomas & I can walk over together in our green frog boots.

..After we systematically destroy every ant hill we see..

How adorable is her house?! And that’s only the backyard.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Mol! We’re so excited for you & your new house. Yay for being neighbors once again! (We lived on the same street for a couple of years in high school, then shared a dorm room for a year in college. This move feels natural somehow!)