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Now that spring is really here, I have had a hard time pinning myself down to pay attention to my little porch garden, but I do have one more update on these original little spring starters before I consider them full-grown.

My favorite seedlings by far are the cilantro. Have you ever grown your own? They were super easy & grew really fast. We’ve been using the cilantro in meals for a couple of weeks now. Here’s a photo from about 10 weeks after they were planted.

(Can you tell I’ve never met a pattern I don’t love? ha!)

The round zucchini seedlings are also doing really well, surprisingly. I thought I planted them too early (which could be true) but so far that hasn’t been a problem. Maybe because I took them away from the light for a couple of weeks, which they hated.

Here’s the tray of seedlings for our vegetable garden out back – hopefully we’ll be transplanting them outdoors soon! This photo was taken two weeks ago.

Even the cat is excited.

This cool & rainy spring left us Michiganders with plenty of indoor time that we weren’t really looking for. To help the time pass, and to fulfill my need for dirt under the fingernails, I went on a re-potting spree with a bunch of our houseplants. It worked out great – they get completely neglected during the summer months, and now they’ll at least be off to a good start.

Soil sorta exploded all over the porch.

Oh, and here’s a little outdoor news! I am happy to report that our azaleas are blooming this year – we fought long & hard for them last year, & they came back slowly from the brink! We did have one casualty, but it was replaced with a yellow peony bush .. I know!!! and the azalea really isn’t missed. Here are the survivors!

Overall it’s been a tough spring for the garden- inside and out. Here are the things I would plant again (in seed form) in early spring:

  • Cilantro
  • Basil – needed more sun than it was getting but now it’s finally starting to grow at a good pace.
  • Zucchini’s – although I would wait a few weeks next time.
  • Parsley – it’s allllmost useable.

Things I definitely won’t plant next spring:

  • Mini rose seeds. Target’s $1 section got me again. I tried so. hard. for those dumb things.
  • Green onions. This is the 2nd year I’ve done them indoors & they just don’t do as well as they do outdoors. Maybe it’s time for me to let it go & do what works. Lesson finally learned, I hope..

Things that are pretty much bursting & about to bloom in the next week:

  • My peonies!!! Here’s a secret: it’s my favorite favorite time of year, because of these guys. If I could make peonies last all summer long we wouldn’t have a lawn. This year we’ve got hot pink, new yellow ones (a dream come true), and mystery (but probably white) peonies!

If you stuck around this long, congratulations. You get an honorary Green Thumb! Thanks for reading about our fun little gardens. I’m looking forward to sharing more about the yard now that we’re back outside!

P.S. When do you plant your veggie garden? Any suggestions for this year?