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So here’s the scene: It was yesterday (Mother’s Day) and Josh & I had just come home from church. I was finishing up a dish to bring to my parent’s house for dinner when Mom called.

“We need a centerpiece for the table and I was really hoping you could go cut a few branches off of that forsythia bush and bring them over?”

Side note: This forsythia bush is planted oh-so-visibly on the corner of one of the busiest intersections on our side of town. You could live anywhere in Grand Rapids and still know about this corner. It also happens to be very close to our house, and I’ve talked about wanting to unleash my clippers on it for a few weeks now.

Well, what’s a girl to do? My mother called me with a specific request on Mother’s Day.. It’s not like I could refuse.

Josh recorded the incident, so if the Forsythia Authorities – or the neighbors – come after me I’m in big trouble.

Here’s my ill-gotten centerpiece Mother’s Day Gift:

She was right – it was perfect.

This is how much I love you, Mom. But please don’t ask me to steal anything else. Happy Mother’s Day!