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April 23, Sat  Amarillo TX to Joplin MO, Day 4 of Senior Safari
Story of the day:
What do you do when you’re on vacation and the weather outside is unfriendly?  Did you ever just decide that you’re ON VACATION and you don’t even have to get out of your pajamas if you don’t want to?  Yhat you could lie on a couch and put your slippered feet up?  That you could drink coffee til noon and eat whenever you want?  That nothing mattered except lounging?
We decided that Saturday was our Vacation Day.  Propped up against Great Grandson Thomas’s furry pillow, Mom asked me to tell Jessica (Thomas’s mom) that she looked beautiful there.  Nothing mattered except the miles that Ron powered on.  Mom and I just took it easy in the motor home.
Photo of the Day:
Quote(s) of the day:
Mom/Grandma:  I never knew you lived so far away from me.
Linda:  Well, you USED to know.  You and Dad drove to visit us several times.
Mom/Grandma:  I lost my memory about that.  Not about everything, just about that.
Mom/Grandma:  Dale is so clever.  He makes furniture and lays tile and repairs things and paints.  Now Dennis is clever, too, he know everything about cars and he’s remodeling his new house.  Your Daddy didn’t do any of those things and I loved him so much.  All he wanted to do was hold my hand before he died, and I held it for so many hours I had cramps in my shoulder.
Easter Sunday  Joplin MO to Springfield, IL, Day 5 of Senior Safari
Today was Alan Parks (hymns) Day in our motor home.  We started Mom out listening to Alan Parks CD’s before breakfast, and I’m pretty sure we’ve got it made to Grand Rapids, now!  By 8 PM I was tired, and Mom was lying on her couch/bed, ready for the night, singing to the music in her headphones.
Story of the Day:
The Big Event of this day (other than the wonderful shower Mom took using the innovative shower stool that Ron made) was the visit in the afternoon with Steve and Ann Marie Hemmel in St. Louis.  Ann Marie is the only daughter of my father’s only sister, so when we figured out we would be “in the neighborhood” we tried to arrange a visit.  We enjoyed it!  It was especially wonderful that Mom wanted to give Ann Marie a diamond ring she has worn for more than 50 years;  it was our grandmother’s engagement ring, Mom thinks, and when it was given to my mom she started to wear it immediately on her right hand.  Mom has said for years she wanted Ann Marie to have it when she passed away.  Today she said she wanted to see her face when she gave it to her!  And Ann Marie was thrilled.
Photo of the day:

Quote(s) of the day:
Mom/Grandma:  We won’t dwell on negatives like “it’s raining cats and dogs”.  The positive is that the Lord is good to let me take this trip.
Mom/Grandma:  I don’t need a raincoat.  I have people to bring me things.
P.S.  Today as we cross MO I really enjoyed the dogwood blooming mile after mile.  Down here azaleas are in bloom, tulips are up, the grass is so greeeeeeen!