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Wednesday, April 20, “Day 1 of the Senior Safari”

Update from the Road:

This morning Ron and I had a delicious breakfast at Dale & Juanita’s (my brother and sister-in-law) in Whittier, CA.  Afterwards we loaded up Mom’s belongings out of their garage and into the RV and headed to her care home a few minutes away. We were all so quick and efficient, by 1:30 (on Wednesday) we had Mom comfortably seated on “her” couch and we were on the way! 300 miles later we stopped for the night, just short of Phoenix.

Story of the Day:

Mom is beginning this trip with incredibly good spirits and a happy attitude! I am going to remember how she put on her headphones and listened to hymns, singing out loud along with “How Great Thou Art”, “I Come To The Garden Alone”, and even “The Holy City”.

Picture of the Day:

Mom has appreciated the way Juanita would come over with fresh coffee and pretty china tea cups to share a cup of coffee, complete with a little home-baked treat. Dale has been the master of Mom’s To-Do-List (and so much more!) — Mom will miss them both dearly. She is already planning their first trip to see her in GR!

Quote(s) of the Day:

Linda: Mom, all you have to do to have a great trip in this motor home is SIT.
Mom/Grandma: I am a proficient sitter.

Linda: My family is looking forward to having you in Grand Rapids.
Mom/Grandma: That’s lovely. It doesn’t make me any younger, but it makes me happy.

Mom/Grandma: It’s easy to miss San Francisco when you’re on this road. I’ve done it.
Linda: Well, this is the road EAST. San Francisco is NORTH.
Mom/Grandma: Yes, well, it bifurcates somewhere around here.
Linda thinks: All else aside, who uses the word “bifurcates” correctly in conversation???


..Aaannd one more picture for atmosphere: Hi, Dad!