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Okkkayyy, Friends! I am interrupting Road Warrior Week with an invitation for you to join Team Steppin’ Up at the Grand Rapids Great Strides event!

(What’s that?)

It’s the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s biggest annual fundraising campaign. Every year in May we do a 5k-ish walk around downtown Grand Rapids and we raise money towards finding a cure for CF!

The CFF has funded research that has greatly added to my health throughout my lifetime. Within this year alone, Mark & I were able to start a brand new med that has played a significant role in me being *almost* an entire YEAR off of oral/IV antibiotics!! (I can hardly believe this.)

Not only that, but there are other exciting drugs <–(heh heh) in the pipeline and it’s possible I may participate in Phase 2 of the clinical trial for one this coming summer. The unique thing about this particular drug is that it treats the core problem of CF rather than the symptoms. It has already been approved for a certain type of CF and is said to be life changing.

The CFF is known for being an efficient nonprofit that gives 90% of donations straight to research – that’s impressive! Not only that, but CF is uniquely placed – we are so close to big discoveries – maybe even a cure.. But there isn’t a big enough population of people with CF to attract the biggest research dollars. We depend on things like Great Strides to keep that research going! (Can you tell I worked there for a while? Heh heh)

It’s an exciting year to have CF! I’m not being totally sarcastic there, either. It’s just an exciting year to be alive, period.

Anyway, we’d love to have you join us for the walk. Here are the details:

Date: Saturday, May 21st 2011 – ONE MONTH from today!

Time: 9 a.m. registration, 10 a.m. walk

Place: Calder Plaza, Downtown GR

If you’d like to register online (soo easy & convenient), click on this link.

If you would like to donate online (again, easy & convenient), click on this link.

For those of you who are doing the walk & would like your fundraising $ envelope, I’ve got one for you! If  you have further questions/comments, feel free to leave a comment on this post & I’ll address them individually.

I’m really excited for the walk this year! Last year we had our largest group ever, & I bet we can beat it!

(Also, thanks to all of your giving, last year we raised $2860, by far the most ever for Team Steppin’ Up! I’m still blown away!)

It’s uncomfortable for me to ask people for money. How are you supposed to say “no”? I have CF! (Seriously, you can say NO.)  Also, this is my personal blog.. You didn’t ask to be solicited for funds.. Yet here we are. Please understand that this is only meant to encourage those of you who want to be a part of this. There is no pressure.

Hope to see you at the Walk!