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Westward Ho!

Whenever we drive West I think “where does the Midwest stop and the West begin?”  I look for telltale signs.  When I saw the first tumbling tumbleweed roll across the highway in front of our RV in western Nebraska, I thought that might be it.  Cowboy boots?  None.  Cowboy hats?  None.  But I finally spied a nicely tooled saddle, then another and another . . . .

 . . . in a McDonald’s play center for kids.  How authentically Western can you get?? 

We took these photos in eastern Wyoming.

 We left GR at midnight on April 15 and by midnight Sat night we were sleeping in western NE.  1000 miles on our first day out, most of them on 80W.  Not bad.  Included in that was a few hours of sleep, more than a few stops for gas, and we picked up Ron’s brother Larry at a rest stop in NE near Lincoln (no, I really can’t explain that here!) and drove him home, where his wife Liz made us a wonderful meal before we rolled on again. 

 We didn’t have another fixed commitment time-wise, but we were hoping to meet up with the friends who loaned us their motor home (many thanks, DOFs!) in Salt Lake City on Monday.  So although the winds were high and we moved slowly, we did manage to get to Salt Lake City just after noon on Monday.  (Ron said it’s the slowest trip he’s ever made anywhere in/on anything that had a motor.  We rarely hit 50 mph for hours on end.  Not a lot of rain but the winds were really something.)  Monday afternoon was a little oasis of Friend Time.  We enjoyed it. 

Driving south from Salt Lake City, now on I-15, was beautiful—and slightly dangerous since we now could drive 65!!  Wow, what mountains, snow topped and sometimes rimmed with filmy clouds.  The landscape shifts dramatically as the elevation changes and the descent down into the desert landscape northeast of Las Vegas begins.  There we saw our first cactus . . . and then palm trees.  We made it to the desert, not just the West. 

I am writing this from Las Vegas, where we stopped for lunch and a hike in Red Rock Canyon where Ron has been once before.  If you are one of the many who has prayed for our safety and sanity during this adventure, THANK YOU SO MUCH!  We are sensing that “before they call I will answer and while they are yet speaking I will hear” is happening to us all along the way.  We have another 6 hours of drive time ahead of us before we get to Whittier, California.

Full of thanks to the Creator of all this beauty, from Linda and Ron, Suzanne’s Mom and Dad

Thanks for sharing this post, Mom! Can’t wait to hear/see more of your journey during this Road Warrior Week! ♥

P.S. Pretty sure Dad took this picture of an old rusty pickup truck for me .. because I love ’em! Modern Day Dinosaurs. Right?!