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Three of the bravest people I Know/The Real Road Warriors:

#1: Grandma Ryan (pictured below with Josh & me in January).

Since many of you don’t know her personally, here are some interesting things about this hat-loving, party-loving lady.

  • She will be 93 years old on May 25th. Oh yes!
  • She has lived her life in Southern California and loves the warm sunshine like most people love air.
  • She is legendary, legendary, for her hat collection.
  • There is a family story about her buying two fur coats way back when.. Not that there was a need for them or anything.
  • She loves roses. They are her favorite.
  • In January, she held my grandpa’s hand “right up to the door of Heaven”. I wrote about that sad but beautiful day in this post.
  • Until she became mostly blind (15? years ago) she was a big-time correspondent. In fact, she became engaged to my grandpa by mail while he was overseas serving in WWII. She wrote her family and friends weekly letters, which I remember receiving in the mail.
  • She loves a party. And it’s really better if that party has a theme. Better yet if that theme requires hats. It’s also mandatory that at that party pictures will be taken. She actually had a moving party last week, because..

She’s moving to Michigan!!

#2, #3: My Parents.

There are many reasons why I consider my parents to be brave. But let’s focus on this one:

That’s right, Friends! As of right now, my parents are en route to Southern California, where they will scoop up 92-year-old Grandma and convey her back to Michigan in the luxury of this hotel on wheels.

Pray for them.

These are three very brave people. Grandma is brave for considering a life in a place that she has never lived, far away from her roots. For choosing (and insisting on!) this huge change at this point in her life. I love her bravery!

As for my parents, well there has to be a little crazy mixed in with brave, right? ..heh heh.. They are really just doing what needs to be done, because frankly, time doesn’t wait for paperwork which would be required in order to travel by plane. Dad made a chair that can be used as a lift/wheelchair substitute for getting Grandma in/out of the RV, and Mom has always wanted to write a book anyway. Hey Mom, this is your moment.

I’m hoping that Mom will have some guest post material as they travel across this great nation of ours. And I can’t wait to have one of my best friends in town. See you in Grand Rapids, Grandma! ♥