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Hello, Friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend. I’m sure you spent most of it wondering what this meant on Friday, right? (Riiight..)

There were indeed two groups hitting the road this weekend, and on Friday morning one of those groups was Josh, Molly, and Yours Truly! Our road trip was actually a routine visit to Ann Arbor for me to see my CF specialist.. With some shopping adventures on the side.

My appointment went really well! *yay* It’s always nice having good appointments, & I’m very thankful for my health.

Although we made time for quite a bit of shopping, (thank you, IKEA, for the 12 miles of walking we did) the highlight of my day was on our ride home.

Molly has a history of coming on the Ann Arbor trips with Josh & I when she can (nurses must really think anything medical is fun). When she comes we sometimes pick up a little card game for the road to keep things interesting. We’ve gone through our fair share of them, and the conclusion we’ve come to is that lots of them are,well, sorta *lame*. Especially for One of Us Who Happens To Be A Math Teacher And Loves Strategy.

This time around, our card game of choice was called “Would You Rather…?”  The game gives you two scenarios that “could happen” to you & you have to choose the one you would rather deal with.

Let’s look at a few examples, shall we? And, umm.. If you haven’t played this game before and somehow had been planning on it, this is going to be a bit of a “spoiler” for you.

Would you rather…

  • Have to walk around with 6 large balloons tied to your wrist for a year -OR- with bells on your ankles for a year?
  • Live wearing wet jeans for 6 months -OR- have a cold drop of water drip down your back every 30 seconds for a year?
  • Have to wear dish washing gloves for a year with no explanation -OR- wear a big blue wig with no explanation?
  • Slip your bare feet into a very moist pair of old bowling shoes -OR- walk barefoot in a gas station bathroom?
  • Have to carry around a CPR dummy everywhere -OR- wear big clown shoes everywhere?
  • Lose your wallet -OR- all your keys?
  • Live your life in a small capsule in outer space -OR- in a small submarine at the bottom of the sea?
  • As a man, have your grandmother’s first name -OR- her haircut?
  • Eat a small can of cat food -OR- eat 7 whole lemons (seeds, pulp, juice, and rind)?
  • Suffer from unpredictable fainting spells -OR- from bouts of shouting?
  • Enthusiastically celebrate Thanksgiving on a daily basis -OR- New Year’s Eve on a daily basis?

So. Much. Laughing. You’re laughing too, right? If not, wait till you’re a few hours overtired, come back, & try again.

We played this game for the last 2 1/2 to 3 hours in the car after a very long & busy day, and at least two of us were a little slap-happy. I mean, how do you explain to someone that you would rather live the rest of your life in 90-degree weather wearing and sitting on vinyl instead of in 40-degree weather wearing metal mesh and sitting on aluminum bleachers?

It was a good trip.

I can’t wait to tell you *oh-so-soon* about the other group and their crazy brave adventure!