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More seeds!! Last week we made the choice about what we wanted in our vegetable garden this year, which was pretty fun. I love seed shopping! Instead of waiting a month & buying the little plants, I started from scratch for everything this year. Don’t worry, I had the decency to feel at least slightly overwhelmed by now.

This year’s garden includes: 3 types of tomatoes (I think of it as small, medium, & hamburger size!), colored bell peppers, eight ball zucchinis, purple beans, lettuce, and (not pictured) yellow beans & sweet peas that we had seeds left from last year. The only new addition since last year is the lettuce, which I may even keep in pots, not sure yet.

Also I’ll plant some more of my herbs outdoors – I’ve noticed that green onions do much better for me out in the garden than in a pot inside.

As far as flowers go, we’ve got teddy bear sunflowers (experiment, hoping for nice cut flowers), nasturtuims, and snapdragons.

If all goes well in my little tray, I’ll have enough veggies for both our garden and Mark & Jess’s garden, with plenty of flowers for all of us too!

Since I think I started a little behind with some of the seeds (like the tomatoes), I bumped my little herb pots out to the sunny back porch (their final destination for the summer) and parked my tray of pods under the plant light for extra “sun” time.

What did you plant in your veggie gardens this year? (Or, what are you planning on?)