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My Father-in-Law recently got a job managing a company that sells pots/planters in huuuuuuge quantities. They have some extra product that I was generously allowed to pillage.*Thanks, Dad!*

Talk about enabling! (In the best way possible, of course)

They’re so pretty, even by themselves (says the addict).. I’m looking forward to filling them up! I’ve seen a few other planter concepts around the web lately that also got my green thumb twitching.. It’s time for a little piece of inspiration!


source, found here

All of that colorful vintage-y goodness makes for an easy-breezy Saturday morning. Just sip your coffee, sit back, & be glad that you weren’t planning on using that teapot (below).


Could you ask for a better setup for water drainage (below)? A match made in heaven! I think I would consider this concept if I had a set of 3, so it looks kitschy yet uniform.


Finally, don’t you love the planters & the whole ladder concept here? So cheerful!


Now that we’re oh-so-inspired.. Have a wonderful weekend, Friends!