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Cosmos. Such pretty flowers, aren’t they? They’re happy.. And easy to grow.. And they make great cut flowers because they last forever.  I think I could consider myself a bit of an expert on these cheerful little flowers. But believe me when I say it’s been well earned.

My relationship with cosmos began in the spring of 2008, when I purchased a little pack of Cosmo seeds from Target’s $1 section (buyer BEWARE). I couldn’t wait to have my flower box on my porch full of these 12″ tall beauties. Yep, 12″, according to the package. I watered them meticulously, fertilized them every couple weeks, and did everything I could to make sure that they looked pretty. The result?

Yep, those bad boys topped out at over 7 FEET tall. It’s a pretty embarrassing way to introduce yourself to your new neighborhood. But they weren’t done with me – you know I had more of them. Here’s the view of our backyard crop.

If you’re having trouble seeing them, it’s because they were falling all over the place. They get so big they can’t hold themselves up anymore. So they were bungeed in place. *sigh* It was embarrassing.

Unfortunately, they keep reseeding worming their way into my garden, & we keep dealing with the hugeness every summer.  In 2009 I said “No more” and yet I allowed them to grow. In 2010, I said “Really No More” but we still had a few. Pretty soon the little seedlings will be popping up outdoors & I’ll have to make the decision to let them grow, transplant them, or finally be done!

I hope you understand the delicacy of this embarassing situation & I’m sure I can count on you to keep this just between us. *wink*

I think I need some advice!! What should I do?  


P.S. This post is Confession V.2, click here for Confession V.1 – & yes, there will definitely be more.