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Oh how we love Our Happy Little House!

This is a story about our little house & how we came to love it. I’m so thankful that we have a roof over our heads, a cap over our chimney, and food on our table. We love the way our lives work in the space we live in. You couldn’t pull me away from this spot if you tried!

Introducing Cora.

Cora was the previous owner of our house for 50+ years. She was clearly devoted to maintenance of the house and yard. Like, to the point of her not being known as the most kind-hearted lady on the block. She maybe kept visitors (even family) on the porch & didn’t let them inside. It’s rumored that she once called the city to report the neighbors (no longer neighbors) for not mowing their yard. She was meticulous. In my head she looked something like this:



By the time we bought the house in 2007, the kitchen appliances didn’t look a whole lot newer than the ones below. The rest of the house happily followed suit. Cora, it seems, wasn’t a big fan of change.


Although we didn’t love the state of the house when we purchased it (almost every surface needed to be updated), we loved the location, the yard, the way the house has been maintained, and the size. SOLD!

Unfortunately, now that Cora’s gone, the house has to deal with me. And I am not nearly as devoted to the below activities as she was. There are times when I feel as though I make her proud, times when I picture the house breathing a sigh of relief (Goodbye awnings! Hello new carpeting!).. But there are also times when I feel her reproving *hhmph* coming at me (Spider webs on the porch! Dirty kitchen floor! Water stains on the shower door!).

Domestic bliss


One thing I’m pretty confident in, however, is Cora’s stamp of approval on our desire to live a simple life. Her house set us up nicely for this mentality! Not sure if our lifestyle has been motivated by our surroundings or if our surroundings were chosen by our lifestyle.. But I thought it’d be fun to list off some pros/cons about our life in Cora’s little house.


  • We live on the bus route that goes out to GVSU where Josh works a couple of days a week & plays racquetball, otherwise a 20 minute drive. We love the bus!
  • We are very close to the highway & about a mile from both my parents, Mark & Jess & (nephew) Thomas. We can ride bikes to each other’s houses, and we do! (Oh, and we have a very special new neighbor moving in next month, but we can talk more about that later..)
  • We love living in the city, but are just up the hill from the noise/traffic of it.
  • Our little house is manageable to keep clean (even when I’m sick). Plus, lower utility bills from freshly insulated walls.
  • We love the personality of our little house, & I’m sure it’s been a part of encouraging our love for the vintage look.
  • I have a clothesline! And a vegetable garden! And a flower garden!


  • We only have one bathroom. Need I elaborate?
  • Our kitchen is quite small as far as storage & counter space goes.
  • Since our house is small, it curbs the desire to shop for “decorative items” or furniture because there is nowhere to put it! It’s alternatively a huge blessing & a frustration.
  • Our closets are super small. This has definitely impacted my wardrobe! *But is that a bad thing? Probably not.*
  • While the house suits our needs nicely, it would be a tight squeeze for a family. (How did Cora manage with her, her husband, & three grown kids?)

Funny, I had a hard time coming up with the Cons list.. This is one girl who loves her house. Anyway, this concludes Simply Living the Dream – the Home Edition!

What do you think – does the place you live have an affect on your lifestyle? What do you love about it? (Or, what would you want to change?) Seems like part of life is just journeying through these topics, & we’re all out there doing our best! Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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