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Have you noticed that lots of my posts lately have been about things in and around the kitchen? It’s been unintentional, but why stop now..

Time for a little piece of inspiration! When I saw these photos of a very white yet colorful kitchen, they just begged to be shared. All of that colorful vintage-y goodness makes for an easy-breezy Saturday morning. Just sip your coffee, sit back, & be glad that it’s not your job to organize these little cubbies!

source, found here

Beautiful, right? It almost makes me want to paint pretty white walls in our kitchen & open up our cupboard doors so we can see the gorgeous matching-yet-not-matching dinnerware. ..Wait.. Nope, horrible idea. Let’s just enjoy this one!


What’s your favorite kitchen feature? I think mine is natural lighting, (weird, really has nothing to do with a kitchen if you think about it) which may be one reason why I was so attracted to these photos. So cheerful! Is anyone else in love with the hanging lamp in the corner?

Happy Weekend, Friends!