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Week Six (on March 26th)!! And we have progress!

This week marked a turning point for our little pots. Why, you say? Well, I hit another “wall”. I don’t know if it was the time of year or what, but I’ve been unhappy with the rate of growth for these little guys. So, I broke out the plant light, moved them away from the sill (for most of the day) and started giving them 12-ish hours of “sunlight” a day.

Things are already improving! The basil’s starting to look alive – it looks like I’ll get 3 good plants. I can live with that.

The mini roses are, well, still just an experiment. Good thing my heart isn’t set on success with these guys. There are so many of them, but they grow soo slowly. Plus, every time I water them, they go all dramatic on me & flop down into the dirt. Drama drama drama.

The green onions, although much loved for having survived thus far, are a tad sparse. They are a determined little bunch though. I’m sure they’ll be full of flavor. Ha.

And now the cilantro. Such growers! I’m loving them. I can taste their cilantro-y selves already. Fish tacos, anyone?

So here’s where I must explain about the three newbies that have perhaps turned me into a hoarder of sorts. Introducing, from L to R, parsley, california poppies, and (seriously? What was I thinking?) eight ball zucchinis!

Week One for the newbies – here’s what the parsley looked like:

Nothing. They took the longest to germinate out of the three newbies. I’m still excited for these ones since I’ve never grown parsley before.

Here are the poppies: They grew unbelieveably fast for the first week. I was so surprised, & I hope I get a chance to transplant some of them to their final homes before they’re too big for this pot.

And.. Last, but not least at all.. The eight ball zucchinis. *sigh*

Huge. HUGE. They’re practically ready to harvest. Now I have a situation because I planted them too early. I already banished them from the special plant light, hoping to at least not accelerate their growth.. In my head, the plan is to wait as long as possible in this little pot & then transplant them to my garden out back & see if they can hack the early spring chill. They look like they can do anything, so I’m optimistic. Has anyone else ever been over-enthusiastic like this before? What did you do about it?

I know, I know.. I should probably find some sort of You-Need-To-Get-A-Grip-And-Step-Away-From-The-Seeds counseling. And for the most part, these are just for indoor containers! I haven’t even started in on our garden yet.

Oh by the way.. It’s been a while since I’ve posted about Simply Living the Dream. Look for a post about our little grandma house coming up shortly!