You know what I mean? Life is just going along fine, and all of a sudden you take a look around your dining room and cannot believe what a mess it is.


From that point on, the only thing you can think about or do is pick up the dining room. Nothing else will do. Are you with me?

Out of nowhere, I just hit the Pots & Pans Wall. This wall came about over time. From constant use, a nice patina of water stain has built up on them, and I’ve been progressively hating said water stain, but never done anything about it.

*This is where I’d post a picture of the pans at the point of hitting my wall, but frankly, it’s too embarassing.*

Suddenly,  *BOOM! WALL!*

I spent the evening scrubbing those suckers with a magical cleaner (♥), and behold! Shiny pans!

The shine of a thousand suns. Well, I got so excited that I couldn’t stop there. Now my glassware is officially scrubbed, some silverware, & basically anything shiny has been re-shined. The result is that this morning, I feel like I have a brand new kitchen!

The moral of the story? Sometimes hitting a wall can be a good thing.

*No physical walls or hands were harmed during the writing of this post*