Want to see what camouflage looks like in Washington D.C.?

*How handsome is he!!*

A snazzy blazer & slacks combo, my friends. Just try not to look too casual, it could blow your cover as an out-of-towner.

Case in point – showing up on Capitol Hill at the Library of Congress in jeans:

That would be me, hidden somewhere amongst all of those special, historic stairs. Oh, and see the person on the above right, sitting on the bench at the edge of the picture? That’s the governor of Idaho.

HA! Just kidding, it’s not. Well, I guess I really don’t know. Hmm..

The Library of Congress  =  museum/library combo  =  ♥ ! Know what I mean, all of you bookie/museumies out there?

Here’s a picture of Josh (as we know him, minus the camo) at the Capitol Building (actually standing on the stairs of the Library of Congress). This was taken a couple hours before he would have to return in his camo for his meetings with State Representatives to promote the program he works for. Note the Washington Monument in the background on the left (at the other end of the Mall).

While he was busy working, I shot over to the Georgetown area for the shopping. This was the day I felt like I walked my legs clean off my body, so by the time I came to rest on a bench at the Potomac River, I couldn’t even be bothered to walk the 10 feet to the edge of the boardwalk for a better view in this picture below. In retrospect I probably should’ve made the effort. *sigh*

But, miles to go before I slept.. After a trek back to the metro, I got off on the Mall in hopes of seeing the sunset around the monuments. I’m glad I made it for this!

I waited for Josh to get out of his meetings, and I took a minute to pray for our nation & our nation’s leaders. It just felt like the right thing to do. In fact, I don’t know why I don’t do that more often. From home, though. heh

Well, I hope you enjoyed these little D.C. stories, Friends! Have a wonderful weekend.