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I’ve been meaning to post a 4-week update on my little seedlings.. Photos were taken on March 12, so (yup) I’m a little late – this weekend marked Week 5. I have to say, some of these guys get a giant “BOOO” for effort this time. Why are they not growing?!

Exhibit A – mini roses.

Where areeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuu? They’re still so tiny! Did they grow at all from 2-4 weeks? Doesn’t look like it to me..

Exhibit B: The basil has just been flat-out disappointing. Since this picture was taken, all but 2 of the seedlings withered away. I’m not too worried about this, since I know that if I have 2 good strong plants in this pot that will be plenty of basil for my windowsill! *but still.*

Happily, the other two little pots are really growing! The cilantro especially is looking good (below).

The “Best Survivor Award” for Week 4 definitely goes to the green onion, which has taken 2 total tumbles off the sill. These little guys have been literally replanted, and some of them even were buried (what a mess).. But they have still chosen to survive and thrive! Congratulations, green onion. You and your fighting spirit make us all proud.

Well, it’s time you knew the truth. I’ve got more pots of seeds growing now than I can fit in my windowsill. I’m starting to look like a hoarder. And I can’t stop planting things. It’s really too early to be planting seeds for our garden outside (for the most part), so what am I doing?! I’m not sure either. I hope our kitchen doesn’t explode.

Hmm.. I wonder what could be in the three new pots.. We’ll do introductions at the Week 6 Report!