On our recent trip to DC, I had three days mostly to myself with which I could explore the city. Love! The last time I was in DC was on a family trip almost 20(!!) years ago, so there was a lot of exploring to do! My agenda was pretty simple:

  1. Meet a friend from high school who now lives in DC for lunch. (Hi, Jill!)
  2. Spend at least a few hours doing some shopping (hey, a girl can only take so much history without becoming her own anthropologist). I kept it to shopping, not buying, which is good cause I had a long distance to carry any packages!
  3. Spend all remaining time/energy at the Smithsonian museums.

My favorite museum was the National Museum of Natural History. Being my father’s daughter, I beamed right upstairs to catch a glimpse of the Hope Diamond.. Right along with an entire field trip full of junior high kids with cameras. Ha!

After that I toured the gems/minerals exhibit, which I had much more appreciation for than when we were there 20-ish years ago. Check out this turquoise & diamond crown  diadem! It was a wedding gift from Napoleon to his wife in 1810. I love that turquoise (which is rather inexpensive) was used for such an important piece.

This guy (below) surprised me by making me completely fall in love. Beautiful! I love the mint green color with the poofy-looking crystals. The description said that the white “poofs” are each individual crystals. There are tons of crystal specimens in the museum but this one was the only one I wished I could bring home with me.

It was a challenge to go through this exhibit fast enough to leave time for all of the excitment downstairs (the famous dinosaurs among other things), so I didn’t loiter by my favorite gemstones as much as I would’ve liked. However, this huge foot-stool sized chunk of amethyst was too pretty to ignore. 


I left the exhibit with a sense of awe, all of these colorful and interesting gems/crystals are a part of our earth. We have a beauty-loving, very creative Creator!

I’m not done story-telling, and you’re gonna LOVE the next exhibit we tour together. *wink*